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My Wisconsin Water

We all have our own reasons for loving Wisconsin. For John Galligan, it’s the water. He tells us how he found his connection to the state.

John Galligan is a teacher and novelist in Madison.

Photo: John Galligan 


Wisconsin in Watercolor

German immigrant Paul Seifert lived a varied and creative life in the Driftless region he called home. He painted vibrant watercolor farmscapes in the 19th century that are highly prized by collectors today. Wisconsin Historical Museum curator Joe Kapler tells us about Seifert, the man and his

An exhibit of Paul Seifert’s work is on view at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison through August 30th.

Image: Wisconsin Historical Images


A Walk Through Time at Pier Natural Bridge Park

Wisconsin’s landscape is dotted with spectacular geologic formations. Producer Nancy Camden happened on one in Richland County where she met Marilyn Rinehart and Angie Kauffman who walk us through time at Pier Natural Bridge Park.  

Photo: Larry Sanders

Music: Kathy Fry, “Summer’s End”