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Dr. Deming

Just two weeks into his career as a cancer researcher in Madison, Dustin Deming was diagnosed with the very cancer he studies. His experience as a patient has changed Dr. Deming’s work as a doctor.

Learn more about Dr. Deming’s research and the team of doctors working at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the state’s only comprehensive cancer center.


Horse Power

Taylor Johnson’s family has been harvesting lumber in Springbrook and other parts of Northern Wisconsin for generations.  While other loggers have embraced modern equipment, Taylor has found value in logging with a team of horses.



Gary Soule discovered caving as a teen. He has had a lifetime of discovery and adventure exploring Door County’s hidden, underground treasures. Gary has had run-ins with skunks, taken a 13 hour journey in Horseshoe Bay Cave and helped preserve the Dorchester Cave after it was discovered by accident under a nursing home. Explore more about Wisconsin’s caves.


Michael Perry on Wheels

Michael Perry shares a bit of his unique, “clodhopper” Wisconsin life…this time, he describes how just about anything can be made better by putting wheels on it.


Ariana Douglas

Ariana Douglas has the gift of music and in high school was known as the “girl who can sing”. This Appleton native soared to new heights at the UW School of Music and was invited to perform at the 2011 and 2012 UW Band Shows. Today she continues to pursue her dream of singing opera.


Urban Honey

Nathan Clarke has set up bee hives in other people’s backyards all over Madison.  Find out what possessed a man who is allergic to bees to become a beekeeper… and what inspired him to scatter his bees throughout the city.

Urban beekeeping has become a growing trend in towns and cities all over the country, with beekeepers tending hives and harvesting honey.  In Madison, commentator Erin Clune checks out the new beehives in her neighbor’s front yard


Mounted Patrol

It may not be typical police work, but for Mounted Patrol officer and natural hoof care expert Ken Mulry, caring for horse hooves is all part of the job. And it symbolizes the special working relationship the five horses of Madison’s Mounted Patrol unit and their rider officers have to forge in order to police effectively on horseback. Whether out on patrol or working crowds at public events.


Holocaust Dresses

In 1939, Paul Strnad sent a desperate letter to his cousin in Milwaukee in hopes the relative could help them emigrate from Prague after the Nazi invasion. The letter contained eight dress designs created by Hedy Strnad (Paul’s wife).  They hoped their cousin could find a manufacturer for the dresses.  Seventy-five years later, with the help of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater Costume Shop,  Hedy’s dresses are on display at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee in the "Stitching History" exhibit.

Take a closer look with museum director Kathie Bernstein on a walk through the exhibit design concept and content.

Read this New York Times article for more on the Strnad family’s story and the research that has gone in to the exhibit.

And be sure to check out the Wisconsin Humanities Council’s reflection on the museum’s effort to preserve the work of Hedy Strnad at the Working Lives Project page.



Russ Cihlar’s pet project is part car, part boat… 50-50 surf and turf.  He discovered his first Amphicar as a teenager and 10 years later had a dream about it. So Russ purchased the car from a Door County farmer and for 14 years tore it apart and rebuilt it.  He’s been cruising the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal and turning heads ever since.

Russ has a fascination with military vehicles. In addition to his interest in rebuilding his Amphicar, Russ has rebuild nearly a dozen military vehicles across several military encounters and time periods. Join Russ on a tour of his storage garage where his military vehicles are displayed.


Brass Rooster Hats

In this story by Litmus Pictures, meet John & Kate McLaughlin.  The Milwaukee couple runs the Brass Rooster Hat Company; and in addition to handcrafting hats, they offer full cleaning and repair services, custom fittings and customer service as traditional as the 100 year old equipment they use to make their hats.



Many of us come to love Wisconsin by birth. But for others, it comes through marriage. Writer Benjamin Percy tells us how Wisconsin became his state-in-law.

Design & Animation: Michaela Vatcheva and Scott Stetson

Sound Design: Joe Hardtke


Don’t Go To Wisconsin

Writer June Melby tells us everything that’s wrong with Wisconsin so that you’ll stay away… and leave it for us to enjoy.

June Melby is a teacher, performer, and the author of My Family and Other Hazards. 


A Little Wisconsin in NYC

Off a busy street in Greenwich Village lay a cluster of restaurants known as Little Wisco. Owned and operated by Wisconsinites, these restaurants celebrate the spirit of the state. Producer Erin Clune went to talk with Wisconsin ex-pats Adam Benedetto and Brian Bartels.

Photo: Wisconsin Historical Images


Cow Chip Champ

South Milwaukee’s Terry Stramowski is widely recognized as the champ to beat… in the Wisconsin Cow Chip Throw and Festival.  Terry has taken first place during 18 of the annual events – and placed second in five other years.  What is her tossing secret?  What is her driving motivation?  We head to Prairie du Sac with Terry to investigate.   Thank us now for not broadcasting in smell-o-vision.